A Word Of Encouragement

A Word of Encouragement

It has been said that if we had no problems then we’d never know God could solve them. How true this is. It is also true that most people can handle and solve those basic, mundane problems that come up in day to day living. Let’s face it; you don’t need chapter and verse to fix a flat tire of a leaking faucet. Suffice it to say, a little knowledge and some elbow grease will solve such problems.

There are times, however, when more severe problems occur and seem to come upon us all at once. More times than not, they come suddenly and unexpectedly and for a moment we may be caught off guard not knowing what to do or where to turn. At first it may appear that our lifelong dreams have been shattered and no relief is in sight. Oftentimes, our first response is to cry out in desperation while we ask the age old question, “Why me, Lord?”

All is lost or so it appears. Yes, the Bible says God will lead us to triumph but for some reason the timing of this manifestation is almost always different from what we’d like. Most times, we feel stretched to the limit and we are at a point where we don’t think we can take any more. It is at times like this when we all need a word of encouragement that will boost our faith in God to a higher level and cause us to remain strong during the storm. Some time ago, I received such a word when my family was faced with a challenge and the impact of what was said remains with me today.

The details of our situation are not important. Let’s just say that an array of strenuous burdens had come into our lives to begin what was to become a multi-year season of heavy testing. Our strength, our endurance, and most of all, our faith were being attacked nonstop. Any servant of God comes to expect adversity from the devil but never had we encountered anything to the degree that we were now experiencing.

A noted evangelist described adversity as your enemy’s reaction to your progress. Yes, much progress had been made in our lives and marriage and in a way these burdens brought an inward joy because we knew we were successfully invading the devil’s kingdom. Good things were happening and being accomplished and we knew the enemy didn't like it. Despite the many setbacks my wife, Anne, and I had been facing we knew we had to keep going forward.

The Christian life is more like a marathon race than a hundred-yard dash. Endurance is needed and it is only those who stay strong to the finish that are rewarded. Anybody can begin a marathon but only champions finish them. This is why the Bible says that many are called but few are chosen.

Be Strong in the Lord

The time came when the burdens began to increase more regularly and at a higher level of intensity than we’d ever experienced before. In truth, our world seemed to be crashing down around us right before our very eyes. Dreams and goals were being shattered and all our plans were being interrupted one right after the other. I knew we were in a war and I took none of this laying down.

I continued to remain strong in my faith and Jesus was the “Rock” on which Anne and I stood. I was diligently fighting the good fight of faith and all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be in order. All, that is, except one. This missing piece was bringing much hardship to my life and I knew I had to devote all my time and energy to finding that one missing piece.

Just what was that missing piece? It’s what I call a “word of encouragement.” A word of encouragement is like the final cup of water someone gives a marathon runner toward the end of the race. This final burst of energy gives him the added strength he needs to reach the finish line before all the others even though every bone and muscle in his body is hurting. It relays the message to keep going and don’t give up. The Bible says, “a word spoken in due season, how sweet it is” (Proverbs 15:23b). So the search began. Somehow, somewhere, I needed to hear a “word of encouragement.” Little did I know where I would find it.

As is the case with so many believers, one area where Anne and I began to come under attack was in the realm of finances. I had enjoyed a rich, full season of prosperity for a couple of years until a major layoff at my place of employment sent eight hundred people to the unemployment line. I eventually found work but was not even making half of what I had made previously. The pressure of never having enough to make ends meet can have a domino effect and cause negative things to happen in every area of your life. The rope around my financial neck was being pulled tighter and tighter so the search for other income began.

I was working third shift so in the middle of the night on my lunch break I would go to a nearby gas station to get some coffee and the morning newspaper with all the current want ads. The attendant was a sweet lady named Denise and all her customers were greeted with a warm, friendly smile. One night, I went there as I normally did only to find that the place was full of police officers. I quickly found out that a few minutes prior to my arrival there had been an armed robbery attempt. Denise seemed to be holding up pretty well but with all the commotion that was going on, I quickly got my paper and left. I saw her the next night and she still seemed to be doing well although you could easily tell that she was in a battle to keep her composure. It was a battle she appeared to be winning.

The next night she was doing a whole lot better and was back to her normal, friendly self. She talked more openly about what had happened and I asked her if she felt compelled to quit her job. “No,” she said. “I will not let them run me off.” This little giant of a lady then looked at me with a look of determination in her eye and said, “You know, we can’t let the bad guys win.” There it was!! There was the missing piece to the puzzle that I was searching for. Unknown to her, Denise had just changed my life for she had given me the “word of encouragement” that I so desperately needed to hear.

I do not know what her spiritual convictions are but I do know that Denise is a woman of character and that is the highest compliment one person can give to another. Those words changed my outlook on life.

The devil is the “bad guy” and Anne and I determined in our heart that we will not let him run us off. Since then, many battles have been fought and won because we now have the strength and determination to rise up and take hold of the victory that Jesus died to give each of us. Today our heads are held high and we can go forward with no fear of what obstacles we may face. And why is that? Because God used a sweet, precious lady to tell me “we can’t let the bad guys win.” No we can’t. No we won’t.

*** Written by Randall Brewer ***

Hymn: Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean

Love as vast as the Ocean

Loving kindness as the flood,
When the Prince of Life, our Ransom,
Shed for us His precious blood.
Who His love will not remember?
Who can cease to sing His praise?
He can never be forgotten,
Throughout Heaven’s eternal days.

On the mount of crucifixion,
Fountains opened deep and wide;
Through the floodgates of God’s mercy
Flowed a vast and gracious tide.
Grace and love, like mighty rivers,
Poured incessant from above,
And Heaven’s peace and perfect justice
Kissed a guilty world in love.

Let me all Thy love accepting,
Let me seek Thy kingdom only
And my life be to Thy praise;
Thou alone shalt be my glory,
Nothing in the world I see.
Thou hast cleansed and sanctified me,
Thou Thyself hast set me free.

In Thy truth Thou dost direct me
By Thy Spirit through Thy Word;
And Thy grace my need is meeting,
As I trust in Thee, my Lord.
Of Thy fullness Thou art pouring
Thy great love and power on me,
Without measure, full and boundless,
Drawing out my heart to Thee.

Kenneth Hagin On “Faith Is An Act”

Text: James 2:14-26; Mark 9:20-26

Some years ago, a friend of mine told me about a woman evangelist who preached in the early days of the Pentecostal Movement. In one of her meetings, she ministered to four people in wheelchairs. To all four she said in a quiet voice, “Arise and walk in Jesus’ Name!”

And they all got up and walked – except the fourth one. “I can’t walk,” she said. “The others couldn't walk, either,” the evangelist pointed out, “but they did.” The woman replied, “I know they did, but I can’t walk. I haven’t walked in years. I can’t walk.” And the evangelist had to walk away and leave her sitting there, still in unbelief.

Results Are Forthcoming

You see, when those first three people began to act upon what was told them, results were forthcoming. When you act upon what God’s Word says, or act upon what the Holy Spirit may speak to your heart, results are forthcoming. That is faith!

Faith is an act

A woman in one of the churches I pastored had arthritis and was in a wheelchair. The doctor had told her some years before that her body eventually would become rigid and she wouldn't be able to move. She would become confined to a wheelchair, her body fixed in a sitting position. And it did come to pass; her body was stiff as a board.

She and her husband never missed a service. Now, I could pray for this woman and she would receive instant healing for such minor ailments as the flu or a cold. But it bothered me that she never once asked for prayer for healing from the arthritis.

There were people in that church who had been healed of very serious ailments, and I knew it was God’s will to heal her too. Some might argue, “Well, it may not be God’s will,” but I know it is God’s will to heal people! (That doesn't mean that Christians who don’t get healed aren't going to heaven. It just means they are robbed of a blessing while on this earth.)

One afternoon a small group of us from the church went to this crippled, woman’s house to pray with her determined to see her delivered from that wheelchair. As we prayed, I saw exactly what God wanted me to do.

I said to everyone, “Get back away from her.” We were in a large room. I went across the room from her and said, “Everybody watch, but I don’t want anyone to touch her. Stay away from her.” Then I pointed a finger at her and said, “Now, my Sister, arise and walk in the Name of Jesus Christ!”

My wife and I and the members of that prayer group are witnesses to the fact that the power of God lifted her up out of that chair. She sat suspended in mid-air above the wheelchair! She could move her arms and immediately she reached down with those little, crippled hands for the wheelchair. The moment she did, she fell back down into the chair.

As she did, without thinking – I know it was the Spirit of God in me – I pointed to her and said, “Sister, you don’t have an ounce of faith, do you? You don’t believe you’ll ever be healed of this arthritis, do you?” She blurted out, “No, Brother Hagin, I don’t. I’ll die and go to my grave with it.” And she did.

It’s Up To You To Obey

You cannot receive from God beyond actual faith. Do you know what would have happened if she had cooperated with God’s healing power? She would have been healed. Every joint in her body would have been loosened. She would have begun to walk!

Too many people think that God’s power – healing power, Holy Spirit power – is going to move on them and make them do something whether they want to do it or not. No! That wouldn't be the Holy Spirit; that would be an evil spirit. Evil spirits force, drive, and compel you to do things. But the Holy Spirit urges, prompts, or gives a gentle push. Then it is up to you to respond. It is up to you to obey.

While I was conducting a meeting in Texas, a woman in that town wrote a friend in another city, telling her how many were receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the services. She invited her friend down for the weekend services.

The friend drove down and was in two of our services before coming forward to receive the Holy Spirit. I laid my hands on her head, prayed and the Holy Spirit came upon her. The utterance came. But I couldn't get her to respond or receive.


In the next service, which was Sunday morning, she came again for prayer. Once again the Holy Spirit came upon her and gave her utterance, but again she did not yield and receive. I knew exactly what was wrong, but I knew it would take time to instruct her, and it was getting late. I turned the service over to the pastor.

Then I slipped through the side door and was walking across the parking lot toward the parsonage when I saw her sitting in her car. She looked disappointed as she sat there a moment before turning the ignition key to begin her journey home.

I asked the Lord to let me help her. Instantly the Spirit of God showed me how to quickly help her. I walked over to her car, opened my Bible to Acts 2:4, and as I handed it to her through the window, I asked her to read it aloud.

She read, “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.” “Sister,” I asked, “who does the Scripture say did the speaking with tongues?” She replied, “It says the Holy Ghost did.”

I asked her to read it again. She read it again. I asked her the same question. She gave the same reply. So I repeated the question. Finally, on the fourth time around, she caught on that something must be wrong, so she began to read slowly, “And – they – were – all – filled – with – the – Holy – Ghost – and – began – to – speak…”

Looking astonished, she said, “Why, THEY did!” She took my Bible out of its case and examined it. She said she thought perhaps I had a different Bible from hers, but it was the same – a Scofield reference edition.

“You know,” she said, “I always thought the Holy Spirit did the speaking.” I told her I had known that. Then I said, “Let’s read several other Scriptures. God’s Word says that out of the mouth of two or three witnesses shall a thing be established.”

We read Acts 10:44-46: While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word. And they of the circumcision, which believed, were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost. For they heard THEM speak with tongues and magnify God….

“Oh,” she exclaimed, “I see it!”

“That’s two witnesses,” I said. “Let’s get three.” So we read Acts 19:6, “And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and THEY spake with tongues, and prophesied.”

The woman said, “You know, Brother Hagin, if I had been called to testify in a court and the lawyer had asked me who did the speaking in tongues, I would have said the Holy Spirit did, and I would have thought I was telling the truth.”

I said, “I want to ask you something. When I laid my hands on you, did you sense the Holy Spirit? Did the power of God come upon you?”

“Absolutely,” she answered.
“Did your tongue want to say something that wasn't English?”
“Why,” she said, “it was all I could do to keep it from it.”
“You’re not supposed to keep it from it,” I told her.
“You’re supposed to cooperate. When the Holy Spirit gives you utterance, you must have faith to act.”

Immediately she began to speak in a most beautiful tongue.

Faith Is Acting On God’s Word

It’s time to quit hanging around and to start acting on the Word of God, because faith is acting.

Believe all things are possible

I was in one church where there was a man who had been severely burned over the lower part of his body. He couldn't walk; he just scooted along. In one of the services, the Holy Spirit told me to have everyone who had something wrong with them from their hips down to come into the healing line. This man was the first in line.

I waited until they were all in line before I told them what else God had said for me to tell them to do. I went up to this man and asked, “Can you run?”

It took him by surprise. “Oh, my God, no,” he said. “I can’t even walk, much less run.”
I said, “That’s what the Lord has told me to do – to tell you to run.”

The man didn't even give it a second thought. He turned and started scooting up the aisle as fast as he could. The third time he came around, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I jumped off that platform, grabbed the man by the hand, and ran around that building with him. When we got back to the front, he was walking normally; not scooting. He was perfectly healed.

However, if I hadn't been able to get him to cooperate and act on his faith, I couldn't have helped him. Faith, you see, is acting on God’s Word – doing whatever He says to do in His Word, or whatever He may say to us in the Spirit.

It’s one thing to believe. It’s another to believe and act on that belief!

*** Written by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin | Hope Faith Prayer Ministry ***

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The Idea Bank

Luke 19:1-10; Jeremiah 29:13; Proverbs 3:5-6

Watching the TV sometime ago, I saw a nice quote – “big men are not known for their big convoys but their big ideas. A poor man isn't the man without money but the man without ideas.” This had me thinking how many people are actually bold enough to conceive an idea and act on it to better their lives and circumstances?

Currently, men with money no longer rule the world but men with ideas. Ideas are what separate you from the crowd. They make you tap into possibilities you never could have imagined. Where we are today, as a people, is a result of ideas thought-out and acted upon.

The Idea Bank

How Zacchaeus came to know the Lord was simply birthed by an idea. We cannot overrule the impact of divine manifestation but what could have led him to consider climbing a tree that he may see Jesus who was at that time passing through Jericho for the last time?

Zacchaeus could have given up and say, “besides, I am small in stature and the crowd is just too much to overcome. I will see Jesus some other time if I don’t see Him today”; but he didn't succumb to such a feeble resolution. He was determined to know who Jesus was, that the Bible says, “And he sought to see Jesus who he was…” (Luke 19:3).

As humorous as it appeared, his idea to climb a nearby Sycamore tree so he may see Jesus eventually worked out. “And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up and saw him, Zacchaeus make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house” (Luke 19:5). He saw Jesus that day and found salvation for his household.

David’s idea to act as a mad man saved him from his adversary. He had initially fled from Saul to Achish the king of Gath for safety. When Achish’s servants saw him, they recognized him and wanted to expose him before their king so he could be captured and returned to Saul. But the Lord was with him. The Holy Spirit taught him – an idea - what to do and in yielding, he escaped (1 Samuel 21:10-15).

There are more of such events in the Bible where a Holy Spirit incited idea has brought about victory to Patriarchs and Matriarchs of old. You never know what a simple idea can do for you till you have one and carry it out. Though it is one thing to have an idea about something, it is another thing to act on it. However, the execution of an idea is as important as conceiving it.

Don’t limit yourself in anything. Commit your plans unto the Lord and they shall be established (Proverbs 16:3). The joy of being a Christian is that we have the power to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ever think of in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 3:20). All it takes is faith!

Have faith in the Lord and believe that nothing is impossible. Mark 9:23 says, “All things are possible to them that believe.” Whatever idea you may have in life – to start a business, have a family, learn a course, etc – don’t let it die. Encourage yourself in the Lord and all you need to turn it into reality shall be available by His grace.

When you have God in your life, you can never run out of ideas for He is the idea bank. It doesn't take so much or so long to hear from God; all it takes is a heart that longs and searches for Him.

The Lord says when you come looking for me, you will find me. “Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I will make sure you are not disappointed” (Jeremiah 29:13). Get serious in finding the Lord, for in Him are all the ideas you will ever need.

*** Edited by Jacobs Adewale (Admin) ***

Face Your Storm

Text: Ephesians 6:12-18; Isaiah 41:10

The phrase ‘face your storm’ shouldn't scare you as a believer. It will not take long for a Christian who has made the commitment to walk by faith to realize that there is a demonic host arrayed against the body of Christ. James 1:2, 3, specifically tells us that our faith will be tested by various trials hurled at us by the evil one.

There is a curse on the earth and our adversary the devil is a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). What should the born-again believer do when the storm clouds of life cast their dark shadows over their head? The answer is simple. Fear not!

One of the most important lessons Jesus taught His disciples was not to fear. Satan is a corrupted angel and fear is corrupted faith. It is the substance of things not desired. Faith is when you believe what God says and fear is when you believe what the devil says.

Face your storm

On one occasion, Jesus and His disciples were on a boat in the midst of a storm and to the dismay of all the others who were in fear, Jesus was sound asleep. This fact alone conveys the message that storms are not a cause for alarm with Jesus on board. Isaiah 54:14 says, “In righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression for you shall not fear, and from terror, for it shall not come near you.”

Storms are not a cause for fear or panic for the born-again believer, and with Jesus on board, you can have the bold confidence to stand up and face your storm. A cattle rancher in Montana made a discovery that taught him a lesson for living life. The winters in Montana are brutal and only the strong and hardy cattle can survive.

This rancher observed that the cattle who marched headfirst into the blizzard always survived while the cattle that turned their tails to the storm died. The rancher found this breed frozen against a barbed wire fence with their heads down whereas he found the other cattle who faced the storm alive and well, strong survivors! With Jesus on board, you can face your storm and fear not. Psalm 118:6 says, “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man (or the devil) do to me?”

The storms of life come to prevent the forward progress of the work of God being done in and through the lives of all willing believers. If tests and trials are raging against you then this can be a joyful testimony that you are in the process of doing something good for the kingdom of God. Victory is assured and the winds will cease when you realize that storms are in reality your stamp of approval that you are indeed flowing in the will of God for your life.

Philippians 1:28 (AMP) says, “And do not for a moment be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries, for such constancy and fearlessness will be a clear sign (proof and seal) to them of their impending destruction; but a sure token and evidence of your deliverance and salvation, and that from God.” There is never any forward motion without resistance and if you are to continue to be a vessel of honor for the Lord, you must never let a storm delay your plans and interfere with the calling on your life.

Matthew 14:25, records how Jesus in another storm walked out to the boat where His disciples were in spite of the horrific conditions around Him. The blowing wind and pounding rain did not interfere with what He set out to do. Did you ever wonder why Jesus did not calm the storm before He set out on His journey to walk across the lake? When you think about it, the question is not a hard one to answer.

Jesus always walked in faith and faith never looks at the circumstances. Peter, on the other hand, also stepped out in faith and walked on the water. He was operating successfully until he began to consider the natural circumstances that were round about him. He took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at that which was contrary to what he believed. He looked at the wind instead of the water beneath him which was by faith holding him up. It was at this moment when fear and doubt entered in and immediately the impulsive Peter began to sink. Moments later, after being rescued by Jesus, Peter’s faith returned and he walked back to the boat clinging desperately to his Lord.

Face your storm

Here in this story is the contrast between being a winner and a loser. Winners always look to where they are going “to”, whereas losers always look at what they’re going “through.” Jesus was looking at His destination on the other side of the lake while Peter looked at the stormy conditions which he thought was able to prevent him from accomplishing what he set out to do. Jesus faced His storm and Peter did not.

Peter can be commended, however, for his desire to be with the Lord and knowing where to turn for help when the need arose. If only more of us would learn this lesson. Even more importantly, to be sure, is the lesson Jesus wants us to learn from what He did. Jesus wants us to get out of the boat and walk in His plan for our lives while not considering the contrary circumstances that the storms of life are sure to bring. Remember, in the midst of the storm is where Jesus was and He is looking for followers who will step out of the security of their boat and follow Him.

Notice carefully that Jesus was not in the boat during the time of storm. No, He was on the water walking toward His ultimate destination. Today, He is still looking to and fro for those who are willing to face the storms of life by getting out of their boat and using their faith to hook up to the super-natural power of God. He is looking for believers who will “launch out into the deep” and stretch their faith so far that without Him they would sink.

Do not be terrified when the odds seem to be against you and don’t give up the first time a door is slammed in your face. Become like David who with bold confidence ran toward the giant Goliath. Be ready as a Christian to face your storm with faith and when the storms of life come your way, you need to get stirred up, get out of the boat, and use your faith. This only happens when you have the courage to rise up and face your storm. If a herd of cattle in Montana can do it, surely you can too!

*** Written by Randall J. Brewer ***

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Christian Poem: Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye | The Truth Media

When my life as a pilgrim ends
I will say goodbye to my friends;
But though we must part for a while,
There is a reason for a smile.

Because our hope is in the Lord
And not what the world can afford,
The joys of heaven we will share
With the saints of all ages there.

We will walk upon streets of gold
Where there is beauty that's untold
And have a wondrous dwelling place
With Him Who saved us by His grace!

Unlimited Blessings For Christ-Indwelt Believers

Text: Revelation 3:20; John 14:20,23; 15:5; 17:23

This article focuses on an aspect of the life of a believer. A believer is one who has the unconquerable Christ living inside him. Having accepted Christ into his heart as Lord and Saviour, Satan flees. As light and darkness cannot stay in the same room, Christ and Satan cannot live in the same heart. A heart that is occupied by Christ cannot accommodate Satan and evil spirits. It is a great privilege to have Christ, the God of mercy, love, and power living inside us. And because we have the Creator – the One who sustains and maintains the universe – inside us, all our needs are supplied.

Christ creates more hunger for godliness in everyone He indwells (Matthew 5:6). He makes us heirs of God. God accepts, possesses and loves us as His living temples (Romans 8:17). As joint-heirs with Christ, if we ask anything according to the will of His Father, He gives us. Christ, our Saviour has provided unlimited blessings for all heirs of God whom He indwells. So, Christ in us is our hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

Here are 3 more points to help you understand the unlimited blessings for believers in Christ Jesus.


Text: Matthew 18:3

Our unlimited blessings and inheritance in Christ start with our conversion. Without conversion, no one is qualified to enter God's Kingdom. "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven". But with the coming of the King of kings into our hearts, we are made ready for heaven. If Christ, the Lord must inhabit us, our hearts must be cleansed and converted; and sin must not reign in our lives. Without Christ, the Scripture teaches that no one can enter the spiritual, millennial and eternal Kingdom of God.

The miracle of conversion changes everything about us and our character. When Zacchaeus encountered the Saviour, his life was transformed and he made his restitution without any delay. Conversion should produce a change of heart in us like it did in Zacchaeus. With Christ in our hearts, we experience love, peace and joy. However, to be saved and converted, one must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the Cross at Calvary. After conversion, all our guilt and sin become a thing of the past. The Lord is calling everyone to receive the miracle of genuine conversion: a condition for Christ's


Text: 2 Corinthians 6:16; Ephesians 3:17,20

The Lord has promised to dwell in everyone who is converted. "…For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people." When Christ indwells us, good health, wisdom, prosperity, success, peace of mind etc., become our possessions on earth. With Christ, the power of God in us, we need not be fearful, lonely and dejected; neither should we feel hopeless. Grounded and rooted in the love of God, we cannot be crushed by any enemy. As a result of Christ's indwelling, every believer has the power to overcome temptations and lead a victorious Christian life. And this is "the power that worketh in us".


Ephesians 3:19

Christ loves us and has provided for our infilling. He wants us to "be filled with all the fullness of God". In Christ there is joy; and being the Prince of Peace, He wants us to experience peace in our lives on daily basis. No believer who has the fullness of God can contemplate suicide. With Christ in us, we have a bright future. And with the fullness of God in us, we have the power to possess our possessions.

*** Culled from DCLM Bible Study Series | www.deeperlifeonline.org ***

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Let Not Thy Hands Be Slack

Text: Isaiah 35:4; 41:10; John 14:27

"Let not thy hands be slack,"
Live not in vain;
Out on life's lonely track,
Men toil in pain.
Play thou a brother's part,
Strength, love and hope impart,
Bid thou the fainting heart,
Look up again!

"Let not thy hands be slack,"
Grip thou thy sword!
Why should'st thou courage lack?
Think of thy Lord.
Did He not fight for thee?
Stronger than all is He,
And He thy strength will be,
Rest on His word.

"Let not thy hands be slack,"
Haste to the fray!
Dream not of turning back:
Life is not play!
Gird thou thy armour on,
Fight till the battle's won,
Then shall thy Lord's "Well done!"
More than repay!

"Let not thy hands be slack,
Fear not! Be strong!"
Cease not to make attack
On every wrong.
Press on for truth and right,
Hold high the Gospel light,
Expel the dirge of night,
With heaven's song!

"Let not thy hands be slack,"
The days fly fast.
Lost moments come not back,
From the dark past.
Then be not slack of hand!
Help thou the weak to stand!
To God and Fatherland,
Give all thou hast!

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