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The Dangers Of Hypocrisy

Text: Mark 7:5-15

Christians are a chosen generation and a peculiar people. Our lives should attract and draw out those in darkness into the marvelous light of the gospel. But when our lives contradict what we profess and preach, we become hypocrites and the hearts of sinners we are to win for the Lord become more hardened to the gospel.

It is not sufficient to cast out devils and do miracles in the Lord’s name and preach fiery sermons to sinners. Many who do these will be denied by the Lord on the last day because of the secret sins they indulge in and the evils they harbor in their hearts.

Our public and private lives when brought into examination at any time should receive the approval of God. We must not honour God with our lips and distant our hearts from Him. A double life is a life of hypocrisy and God disapproves it.

Hypocrites, no matter how much respect they command because of their eloquence or oratory, hospitality and charity and regular observance of Christian ordinances, will not receive any commendation from the Lord.

Some so called believers are hypocrites because they are ashamed to be identified with the Lord; they wrap their Bibles when going to church to avoid being ‘embarrassed’ by people around them.

Though they have received many blessings from the Lord, they cannot tell others about Christ with confidence and boldness. The Lord says, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him or her will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 10:33).

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