Take The Junk In My Trunk

Jesus, Please Take the “Junk In My Trunk.”

In my life, I allowed a lot of “junk in the trunk.”
There was so much that my life stunk!
There were many things I collected along the way,
They just seemed to hang around me every day.

Some of the junk were old and some were new,
I was at a loss as to what I was going to do.
As my life began to take a downward turn…
This was the moment I became concerned.

I came to the decision; “this junk has to go!”
My life needed to be cleansed and made whole!
I know my life was burdened and “bottomed out”,
I needed to be cleansed from the inside out!

I cried out to Jesus; “please take the junk of mine”,
“It’s ruining my life and destroying my mind!”
Jesus reached out and did a beautiful work within;
By His power He removed all of my junk and sin!

Praise the Lord! He began a beautiful work in me!
The load of junk is gone! I've been set free!
He can do the same for you! Won’t you let Him?
Won’t you give him your life and simply trust Him?

You too can be forever changed by His power;
He can remove all of your junk this very hour!

*** © Jim Pemberton 2016 ***

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